Personalized Nutrition

Through a specific type of nutrition testing unique to our practice, we evaluate what areas of your body are working well. What areas of your body are not working well. If any area is not optimally functioning why is that occurring? What is the CAUSE of the problem. We are not interested in masking or covering up the symptoms but rather looking for the exact causes:

Possible Causes of Your Health Problems We Assess For:

Food Sensitivities

Gluten, corn, oats, soy, dairy, etc.

Chemical Toxicities

Chlorine, fluoride, formaldehyde, etc.

Heavy Metal Toxicities

Mercury, aluminium, lead, arsenic, vaccine components


Irritations on the surface of the skin from various causes


Viruses, bacterias, parasites, Lyme’s Disease


Cell phones, laptops, video games, desktop computers, navigation, Bluetooth


High stress jobs, family problems, sadness, grief, anxiety

We evaluate you from the top of your head to your toes. Assessing every organ and gland to determine the cause of your health problems even if other physicians have told you that it’s all in your head or that you are just getting older.

We utilize nutritional supplements that are physician grade. From supplements from organic, whole food, herbs from all over the world, homeopathy, and even cellular type products. The products we select are of the highest quality and cannot be purchased at your local health food stores.

Your program will be designed specifically for you. We help your body with the healing process whether we are assisting with a parasite detox or a heavy metal cleanse, we guide you through the process. These follow up visits are concise, approximately 10 minutes to keep you moving the right direction, toward health. We help you over any barriers that occur along the way.